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Chichi Noticias Canal 4 ◆ GHF Mejora la Movilidad de Brian con la Terapia ◆ Chichicastengo (April 2018)


The local television Channel 4 television station interviewed Benita Us Ixquin, the mother of Brian, one of our favorite young visitors to Global Healthworks Foundation outreach clinics in Quiché, Guatemala.  Brian originally presented a few years ago with limb pain, unable to walk without using a chair as crutches.  Local doctors were unable (or unwilling) to help him, and luckily his Mom brought him to a GHF jornada (Medical Health Camp).  He has received regular treatments from our mobile clinic team and today he is active in playtime activities, walking just fine! 

One of GHF’s key treatment strategies for children is to teach their parents simple exercises and healing techniques (e.g., massage and moxibustion heat therapy) so that they can continue treating their children at home. 

You can read more about Brian’s story and how he benefited from this effective treatment approach in a blog on our GHF website  -- use this link —>